mardi 12 août 2008

The Ruling Class

(Traduction en français plus bas)

I dream often during the night that I’m in London sitting in front of the sea, watching huge waves. I have never been to London, it explains why I always find it hard to picture it. When I ask my friends to describe it they say I need to go there to believe it. There is probably not any beach in London, but I can feel the waves coming from this city, even ifI'm in France.
I’m pretty sure my last dreams were inspired by The Ruling Class. If I was a musician, I’d love to honour in the same way The Field Mice, The Stone Roses, Slowdive…

They are so classy that they answered my questions.

What is the rule when you want to form a band in London?

JONATHAN: Do music you truly believe in and don't follow a trend!

TOMAS: I would say be patient and you will find the right people. People who share a similar ambition and passion as you do.

ANDREW: There aren’t any rules as such. You’ve just got to find a group of people that work
together and are pulling in a certain direction. It’s good to have people that are into different things but as long as the force is headed the right way.

ANTON: There are no rules when it comes to forming a band, especially in London where new bands and genres seem to appear and breed like weed in your back garden.

ALFIE: If you want to form a band every one need to be good musicians, creative, good laugh, cool people and people you know one day you will be really good friend with!

Do you feel like you belong to a different class since you are in a band?

JONATHAN: No not really, a different world maybe. It's hard because you have to be
totally into what you’re doing and be prepared to miss out on normal things.
The other night I went out with some friends and the whole experience felt
so alien to me. Normally it’s rehearse, gig sleep, was a cool change.

TOMAS: Yes, I do! The Ruling Class has made me become a proletarian.

ANDREW: No every man and his dog are in some sort of band. If you start thinking like that you are putting up all sorts of barriers.

ANTON: Yes, when you're in a band you feel like you belong to a certain type of people, "class" if you will. If your band's good, you feel on top of the world. If your band is rubbish, you feel worse than an accountant with a receding hairline and a strange passion for mini golf.

ALFIE: Yes, since the dawn of time artists in general, always been of a different class!!!!

What is the classiest band ever?

JONATHAN: Classiest band, Roxy music, no one can argue Brian Ferry is one classy guy.
Best band Love.

I really like the aesthetic created by Joy Division. Their visuals, music and lyrics are almost like a holy trinity.

ANDREW: I think some bands are obsessed with class (as in the class system) I don’t see why its so important.

ANTON: The first edition of Pink Floyd.

ALFIE: The Ruling Class

(Anton insisted on this picture of Pink Floyd...)

What’s your plan to rule the world?

JONATHAN: We have the tunes, now its time to get them out to the largest possible
audience. I have no doubt of our potential its just getting the world to
wake up and see it. Great music to rule the world with, that sounds like a good plan to me!

TOMAS: Don't let anything come in-between you and the music. Don't forget about the reasons you are doing it for. Keep your focus. Keep smiling.

ANDREW: Tomas has the plans. I'll have to ask him if I can inspect them.

ANTON: To always be careful with what's said in interviews and such. Reputation's an important matter.

ALFIE: I think the world can’t be ruled, everyone tried and still trying........and look at the state of it!!!!!

Mes nuits sont rythmées par un rêve. Je suis à Londres, face à la mer, observant d’immenses vagues. Vous l’avez compris, je n’ai jamais mis le nez dans la capitale anglaise. Je suis donc incapable de me l’imaginer et mes amis ne me facilitent pas la tâchent en se bornant à me dire qu’il faut que j’y aille pour le croire. Il n’y a certainement pas de plages à Londres, mais de France, je ressens l’énergie de vagues. Myspace me sert de coquillage pour entendre ces vagues. Je suis sure que mes derniers rêves ont été influencés par The Ruling Class. Si j’étais musicienne, j’adorais honorer aussi bien The Field Mice, The Stone Roses et Slowdive. Ca se traduit mal, mais « they rule », ouais

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