mardi 21 juin 2011

Lana Rel Rey Interview

L'interview est originalement publiée dans sa version française ici 
This interview was initially published here in french

It's not the best interview of the century but it's not just a girly chat either. I really wanted to speak to Lizzy Grant before she becomes a famous popstar or just a disillusioned one. She created the character Lana Del Rey that will avoid her being stucked into the script somebody else would write for her. She introduces herself as a “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra” and I'm very touched by the honesty, the courage of her songs and her suffocating taste for tragedy. I imagined this interview like the one she might have trained herself to answer when she was a teenager, waiting for her glorious time.

Hi Lana, are you real ?
Yes Boo, I'm as real as can be. I'm just one of the millions of girls living on the dark side of the American Dream. I love fast cars, bad boys and good music. 

The songs I heard from you are about very sad love stories, are you thankful to men who broke your heart and inspired you ?
No they definitely deserve no accolades or pity. Although a couple of them deserve some songwriting credit for all the tortured torch songs they've inspired.

You're a former jazz singer, how did you decide to go in a more r'n'b & pop direction ?
*I didn't consciously make the decision to go in a more street direction. The inspiration for my first record with David kahne was all the places I'd been and they boys I liked set in a cinematic style that would suit a dark film soundtrack. But I lived in the Bronx for four years and Brooklyn after that and I grew up on hip hop-so the fact that the beats got a little fatter on this record is just natural.

Do you think todays popstars can still pretend to be icons ?
 The only good thing today's Popstars have done is continue the legacy of celebrity. I believe in the power of celebrating people as icons and gods if they deserve it. Elvis deserved it-he was by nature disturbingly cool.

How would you describe our generation ?  


If you're the new Nancy then who is your Lee Hazlewood ?
Reeve Carney

What kind of charachter would you like to be in a David Lynch movie ?
Umm a beauty queen who dies young.

Who is working with you on your first album ?
I have a lot of people working with me on this album-everyone from classically trained film composers to hip hop producers. The right mix of people to get the right mix of beauty.

Did you have expectations about the new Britney album ?
She can do no wrong in my opinion. She's the only very famous female Pop star. who's makes me believe she believes what she's singing.  She's bought into her own tragic Hollywood story and its beautiful to watch.

Is it you playing the harp in Video Game ?
Fraid not, Sweetheart. That would be ROBOPOP.

This video is leaving me breathless each time I see it, where did you get this sense of drama from ? 
Am so glad that u like it-and surprised at the attention its gotten. I'm a very dramatic girl- I live for the drama in every capacity. That includes music, music videos, boyfriends etc...If it's not epic it's not worth it!          

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