lundi 11 janvier 2010

French cinema legend freezed today

Today, French nouvelle vague icon Eric Rohmer passed away.
I won't be the only girl posting about this director on my blog tonite and I'm glad about that.
It's my cinema teacher in high school who introduced me to his movies and I hated it. I didnt like Pauline à la plage, my teacher said that I couldn't stand watching teenage stories that had subjects too close to me. Bullshit! It's just that Rhomer had some very boring stories to tell sometimes. Even Ma Nuit chez Maud that is always good to name drop in clever diners didnt seduce me that much. But I loved Le Genou De Claire and also Une étudiante d'aujourd'hui and La carrière de suzanne , these two last ones make me love Paris even more.
Here is a short movie he shot in 1951. The snowy weather in it is very likely to the one we have in France today.

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