mercredi 18 novembre 2009

You really need to have a blog to post that kind of crap

A tv channel sat up a competition of short-movies shot with phones. I thought it was tough to do a good movie with just a mobile. Then i had second thoughts : maybe our phones could be like some 2000's Super 8 cameras. So I tried briefly to shoot some images and edited them on my phone. I added some ringtone soundtrack and used the phone visual effects. It's really bad. I didn't even send it for the contest and found out later that anyway, my phone wasnt a 3G so I was not able to take part to it. Well, i don't mean that my blog is a trash can. But ... I'll send it here. The most interesting thing in this video is the view : I filmed this "piece of art" (sic) on the top of the Louis Vuitton building in Paris.

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